Gov. Cuomo Goes on CNN, Trashes Trump for Calling Out Military to Crush Leftist Mobs and Looters — As Looters Wipe Out Fifth Avenue in NY City! (VIDEO)

Just stunning.
Governor Andrew Cuomo went on CNN on Monday night to trash President Trump and his “shameful” display today praying at St. John’s historic church after it was torched.
The New York Governor then ATTACKED President Trump for calling out the US military to help quash the violent leftist protests breaking out across the country.
Governor Cuomo: “What the president today did, was he called out the American military against American citizens. That’s what they did. They used the American military to push back a peaceful protest which everyone watched on TV just so he could have a photo-op of walking to a church. When was the last time you saw the American military called out against Americans?”
"I was shocked at the force they used," says @NYGovCuomo of protesters in Washington, DC being pelted with rubber bullets.

Cuomo calls the President walking to a nearby church and displaying a bible amid the protests "shameful," saying it was simply "a photo opportunity."
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As Cuomo was speaking the leftist mobs and looters were moving in to loot numerous stores in downtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue including The Macy’s Store!
5th Ave in New York being ransacked by protesters - a peaceful march turned into looting in a flash @10NewsFirst
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