Injured Portsmouth Black Lives Matter Activist Identified – Chris Greene Is Still Alive But Suffered Life-Threatening Injuries, Skull Was Cracked Open

Black Lives Matter activist Chris Greene
BLM activist Chris Greene was injured last night when fellow black lives matter activists pushed a statue over and it landed on his head.
Greene suffered life-threatening injuries.
He is still alive.
A far left protester was critically injured on Wednesday when a leftist mob toppled a Confederate statue on top of him.

The young Democrats attempted to destroy a Confederate Monument in Portsmouth, Virginia.
When they knocked over one of the statues it landed on a fellow protester critically injuring the man.
A witness said the protester’s skull was showing and he as convulsing on the ground.
BREAKING: Protester critically injured after toppled Confederate statue landed on his head in Portsmouth, Virginia

“We could see that his skull was actually showing..”

Damn Confederates still beating black people, hundred years later
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Via Hannity:

UPDATE — The black protester coded twice after the statue split his head open. He was convulsing. He was sent to Norfolk General as an Alpha Trauma alert.
Via the Black Lives Matter 757:
Update: The young man coded out twice and they started rsi he was sent to Norfolk General as a Alpha Trauma alert. Please keep him in your prayers.
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There was a GoFundMe set up for the injured activist.
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