SWEET! Tulsa Police Arrest Their First Screaming Far Left Protester After She Won’t Leave Event Area (VIDEO)

The Tulsa police arrested their first far left protester this morning.
The woman sat in a street protest in a “I can’t breathe” T-shirt.
When the police took her away and cuffed her she started screaming about having a ticket to the rally.
Sorry, maam.
BREAKING: A woman entered the rally area wearing an “I can’t breathe” shirt. She says she had a ticket but was asked to leave.

Police dragged her out and arrested her for trespassing after she sat down and refused to leave.
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The Trump campaign had her removed. She was in the private event area.

👮‍♂️Arrest Made👮‍♂️

This morning at 11:30 am Tulsa Police were requested by Trump Campaign Staff to remove an individual from the secure area of the rally.

Tulsa Police spoke to the arrestee, Ms. Buck, for several minutes trying to convince her to leave on her own accord...
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