Wendy’s Arsonist Natalie White Arrested in Atlanta – Attorney Confirms She Had “Close Relationship” with Rayshard Brooks

It’s true.
The Atlanta Wendy’s arsonist Natalie White had a “close relationship” with Rayshard Brooks.
A week ago on Saturday night protesters torched the Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta following the death of Rayshard Brooks.
One video that went viral online shows a white girl and ally of Black Lives Matter torching the Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta.

The white girl is seen pouring lighter fluid inside the restaurant.
The Wendy’s restaurant was completely destroyed by the leftist protesters that night.
Atlanta authorities identified Natalie White as the Wendy’s arsonist on Saturday.
Officials were trying to locate the far left arsonist for about two weeks now.
During his arrest Rayshard Brooks mentioned a woman “Natalie White” to police the night he was killed.
On Tuesday Atlanta police arrested Natalie White.
The far left activist is facing first degree arson.
Via CNN.
Natalie White has been arrested and is facing charges of first-degree arson in connection with the Wendy’s restaurant fire that broke out during the protests that followed Rayshard Brooks’ death, authorities said.
The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a tweet that White was in custody and being booked into the county jail.
She was in Atlanta.
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