Attorney for McCloskeys Files Motion to Disqualify Corrupt Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner from Pursuing Case

Mark and Patricia McCloskey filed a motion to disqualify St. Louis Circuit Attorney and her office from pursuing their case.
Gardner, the controversial and corrupt St. Louis circuit attorney, was sending out campaign literature lying about and attacking the McCloskeys.
Gardner is likely the most corrupt practicing circuit attorney in the country today.
Gardner pressed charges against Mark and Patricia last week after they pulled guns on a BLM mob that broke through their neighborhood fence and threatened to kill them.
At least one protester was armed at McCloskey altercation.
KMOV reported:
An attorney representing Mark and Patricia McCloskey has filed a motion to disqualify the St. Louis Circuit Attorney and her office from pursuing their case.
In a court filing, Joel Schwartz claims Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner should not be allowed to prosecute their case because of statements made by her campaign regarding the incident. The McCloskeys were charged by Gardner’s office after they were seen pointing guns outside their home in the Central West End last month.
According to Wednesday’s court filing, in one email, sent out before charges were filed, Gardner’s campaign literature read: “You might be familiar with the story of the couple who brandished guns during a peaceful protest outside of their mansion” and “..President Trump and the Governor are fighting for the two who pointed guns at peaceful citizens..” The campaign literature contained links to donate.
The filing also states campaign literature was sent after the charges, again referencing the McCloskey’s case and links to donate.
The McCloskeys’ attorneys state the campaign emails show Gardner has personal interest in the outcome of the case.
“Here, a reasonable person with access to all the facts would find that there was at least the appearance of impropriety, in that Ms. Gardner’s decision may have been affected by her personal, political, financial, and professional interests, and that her neutrality, judgement, and ability to administer the law in an objective manner may have been compromised,” the filing wrote.

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