Missing Fort Hood soldier was killed in armory, then hacked to pieces, family’s attorney says

Spc. Vanessa Guillen was allegedly killed on April 22, the day of her disappearance, by Spc. Aaron David Robinson while she was on duty in an armory room on Fort Hood, Texas, an attorney for the Guillen family said.
Natalie Khawam, the attorney, said the information was provided to her during a four-hour meeting with officials from Army Criminal Investigation Command. Fort Hood officials declined to comment on this narrative of events inside the armory when asked during a press conference Thursday and by Army Times over the telephone.
Robinson, 20, allegedly attacked Guillen, also 20, with a hammer, Khawam told Army Times.
“This heinous act caused her blood to be splashed all over the armory room,” Khawam said in the statement to Army Times.
After Guillen was dead, Robinson allegedly contacted his married girlfriend “to help him bury her bloody body,” Khawam added. “At first they tried to set her on fire, but she wouldn’t burn. Then they dismembered this beautiful U.S. soldier’s body with a machete.”
Local police issued a “Be On the Lookout” notice for Robinson after he fled post on Tuesday afternoon, Khawam told reporters during a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Local police off-post in the city of Killeen were notified by Army CID agents that Robinson was a person of interest in Guillen’s death.
Army CID Senior Special Agent Damon Phelps declined to discuss how Robinson was able to slip away from Fort Hood.
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