President Trump to Send Hundreds of Federal Law Enforcement Officers to Chicago (VIDEO)

President Trump on Thursday announced he will be sending federal law enforcement to Chicago to deal with the ongoing violence.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a total failure.
23 people were shot yesterday alone — 14 people were victims of a mass shooting at a funeral on Chicago’s south side.
“Every American no matter their income, their race, or their zip code should be able to walk their city’s streets free from violence and free from fear,” said Trump. “For this reason today, I am announcing that the DOJ will immediately surge federal law enforcement to the city of Chicago  — the FBI, ATF, DEA, US Marshal Service and Homeland Security will together be sending hundreds of skilled law enforcement officers to Chicago.”
An ATF Crime Gun Intel vehicle arrives in Chicago Thursday afternoon.
65 people were shot across Chicago the weekend before the 4th of July holiday as Mayor Lightfoot pushed for police reform and lectured the city on Coronavirus safety measures.
Four children were among the 65 people shot.
A total of 18 people died, including 2 children and a baby.

In the previous weekend 104 people were shot in Chicago, 15 fatally, including 5 children.
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