This is Her Defense? Kamala Harris Comes Up with BS Excuse When Asked About Her Vicious Attacks Against Biden During Primary Debates (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris this week was finally asked about her attacks against Joe Biden during the Democrat primary debates.
Kamala Harris accused Biden of racism and slammed him for his support of segregationists. 
Late night host Stephen Colbert asked Kamala about “haymakers” she landed on Biden during the debates.
“Senator Harris is a surprising choice considering just how hard she went after him. I mean with hammer and tongs over busing, issues of racial equality,” Colbert said. “She hit him so hard he was spitting teeth like Chiclets all over the stage.” 
“How do you go from being such a passionate opponent on such bedrock principles for you — and now, you guys seem to be pals?” Stephen Colbert said.
Kamala Harris laughed and suggested she was lying during the debates. 
“It was a debate!” Harris said laughing. “It was a debate! It was a debate! The whole reason, literally it was a debate — it was called a debate…”
Team Biden has had weeks to come up with a spin and this is Kamala’s defense?

Take a drink every time Kamala says “debate.”
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