Utah Senator Mitt Romney Knifes Trump in The Back Once Again, This Time Over Universal Mail-In Voting (5 Cartoons)

Once again, Utah Senator Mitt Romney and chief GOP quisling tried to knife President Trump in the back, this time over universal mail in voting.
Via USA Today:
Sen. Mitt Romney defended mail-in voting Friday night in the wake of President Donald Trump’s attacks on the system, calling his opposition to it “a political calculation.”
The Utah Republican also criticized the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying “the health impact of COVID-19 on our country and our response to it was really very, very disappointing.”
Romney, who has been a vocal critic of Trump throughout his tenure as president, stopped short of naming him outright in his interview with the Sutherland Institute, a conservative think tank based in Utah.
During the interview, Romney referenced evidence that mail-in voting as a system does not increase the likelihood of voter fraud, despite Trump’s recent attacks on its legitimacy, for which he offers no evidence.
“In the case of voting by mail, the good news is if there was some allegation of impropriety, you’d be able to get the ballots and look at them,” Romney said.
“This is a political calculation,” the former presidential candidate said in addressing the claim that Trump doesn’t want Americans to vote by mail because he thinks “polls show that people who want to vote by mail tend to vote for Vice President Biden.”
Romney warned of the consequences of elected officials interfering with the voting process, and beyond.
“When politicians attack a judicial system, attack a voting system … attack of free press, these things threaten the foundation upon which not only our own democracy but democracies around the world,” he said.
Watch the whole sordid thing via the Associated Press:
Utah Senator and fake conservative Mitt Romney is the worst kind of Republican and I’m sad I ever voted for him for President in 2012.
He’s bitter and jealous that President Trump sits in the oval office and not him, so he acts like a jilted teenage lover, or worse.
The people of the state of Utah deserve better than him, and America deserves better so lets hope Mitt Romney gets what he deserves when he next comes up for re-election.
Or better yet, if Mitt Romney was an honest man, he’d switch parties since he is practically a Democrat anyway.

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