Violent Antifa and BLM Keep Showing Up At Home of Driver They Attacked — But He May Be the One Facing Charges

Jordan Hollingsworth was attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters in Portland on August 5th. Video of the incident went viral, as he dragged the motorcycle they had used to attempt to barricade his vehicle for 12 blocks.

We reported in the immediate aftermath, rioters were attempting to block off a street when a man driving a truck pulled up and attempted to navigate his way through. Instead of letting him pass, they attacked him and his vehicle, slashing his tires, breaking his window, and throwing a motorcycle in front of it in an attempt to block him in. 
The militants chased him the entire time, until he eventually got out and confronted them, gun in hand.
According to an exclusive report from the Nationalist Review, the rioters also stole paperwork from the man’s car during the incident — which provided them with his home address.
In the days following the incident, the militants showed up at Hollingsworth’s home dumped a massive amount of tree logs on his driveway to prevent him from being able to use it, smashed the windows of his house, and made death threats against him. It wasn’t enough for them that they totaled his car and impeded his ability to work, they also wanted him to feel unsafe at home. 
The violent extremists have continued to show up at his home to threaten him night after night, his family says.
Out of great concern, his mother Dalia Kingsley reached out to Nationalist Review and explained what happened. She also asked for assistance sharing a fundraiser to help him get a new truck.
“In fear for his life the only thing Jordan could do was keep driving, despite the motorcycle being wedged under his truck. He made it as far as he could before the truck would not run anymore and he had to get out and walk the rest of the way home,” his mother explained. “Rioters removed personal documents from the truck with his address and also followed him home. They continued with their destructive behavior by breaking windows out of his home along with other minor damages. These people continue day and night coming to his house and harassing him.” 
The mother explained that he is now completely out of work due to the destruction of the vehicle.
“Jordans truck was a complete loss and he is now without transportation. Not only was his truck his everyday driver, it was also his work truck. This unfortunate chain of events has completely put him out of work. Not only does he need a decent and reliable vehicle, there are also repairs needed at home now,” the mother said.
Those who wish to help contribute to getting him a new truck can do so here.

Additionally, NR reports that there is a chance Hollingsworth could face charges for defending himself.
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