YouTuber Invents Mask-Shooting Gun To Target COVID-19 ‘Maskholes’

An inventive YouTuber has created a specialized weapon to target “maskholes.”
“An American problem demands American solutions!” says Allen Pun, who runs the channel “Sufficiently Advanced.”
In a short video, Pun shows his million-plus subscribers his new invention.
“I made a mask launcher and brought it to Huntington Beach, which is one of the most anti-mask cities in southern California. What could possibly go wrong?” he wrote on his site.
Allen wanted to encourage people to wear masks, and literally took aim at those who refuse to wear them, Newsweek reported.
“Pan designed the gun, similar to a net gun that he said looked ‘alien sci-fi alt-history steampunk.’ A surgical mask sits on the gun with double-sided foam tape around the inside to make sure the covering sticks to the face. In order to properly aim at people not wearing masks a laser is used, and tube nuts are implemented as weights to wrap straps of a mask around someone’s face,” the mag said.
The “gun” uses CO2 capsules to power the projectile, firing the masks out at with 800 psi.
It’s crude but effective.
In the video, Pun shows exactly how he made the device, at times trying to figure out ways around problems. His test worked on a dummy on the first try. “Did you see that?!” he exclaims. Then he tested it on himself — and it worked. “It put a mask on my face! I can’t breathe on you now,” Pan says.
“Let’s go shoot some people!”
He then took the device to the beach, where he met up with maskless people. He said Americans who own guns would understand his invention. “I’m going to put together the Second Amendment with health care. That’s right, guns with public safety. Boom! Best of both worlds.”
“We’re going to go hunting for any Karen willing to get shot in the face for public health,” Pan said.
He got a woman to fire the mask at him — it didn’t work, and one of the projectiles ended up breaking.
But at least the people were friendly.
“Here’s the thing: I came here fully expecting that people are going to get angry at me — I even brought my running shoes just in case, you know, things got racist. I don’t know if it was just the time of day or the percent of locals versus tourists, or maybe people are actually coming around to the idea to wearing masks, but there are a ton of people wearing masks,” he said.
“The concept is dope, don’t give up,” four women playing volleyball told him after his gun broke.
Pan later gave up on “hunting” and instead just held a “focus group,” getting people to fire the device at a dummy’s head.
“What do you think of this invention?” Pan asked one guy.
“I think it’s priceless,” he said.

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