Black Lives Matter Rioter in Lancaster Hit in the Balls with Rubber Bullet, Drops to the Ground and Screams in Agony (VIDEO)

A Black Lives Rioter Sunday night in Lancaster, PA got hit in the balls with a rubber bullet and screamed in agony.
Black Lives Matter in Lancaster Sunday night began to riot in response to police shooting a man who was lunging at an officer with a knife.
Police warned rioters several times to disperse before they used crowd control munitions such as tear gas and rubber bullets.
One BLM rioter was hit in the head with a rubber bullet — but another one took a direct hit to the balls, dropped to the ground and screamed for mommy.
A Lancaster Black Lives Matter militant called for people to shoot police after fellow rioters were shot with rubber bullets.
The rioters were swarming a local police department when the incident took place.
Reporter Elijah Schaffer told reporter Cassandra Fairbanks that the rioters were given eight warnings to vacate police property, but did not comply. The situation was then declared to be an unlawful assembly.
“They had an initial minimal gas release,” Schaffer said. He explained that after this, the police retreated, and the rioters moved in closer. “So, the police really unleashed rubber bullets that hit at least a dozen protesters, used lots of gas, and it effectively disbursed the crowd for 20 minutes.”
Soon, the rioters returned and began screaming at police that they should have tazed the violent suspect instead of shooting him.
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