Caravan of Trump Supporters Shouted Slurs and Other Obscenities at Bystanders During NC Parade

 I imagine it must be inconvenient for Trumpsters who swear to Has-a-Black-Friend-Jesus that not all Trump supporters are racist, that nearly every loud and proud bigot who ends up getting widespread attention for one reason or another turns out to be a raging MAGA enthusiast. I, for one, can not imagine what it is about the jack-o’lantern-in-chief that attracts such a strong neo-Nazi following. It’s a whole mystery.

Anyway, in Alamance County, N.C., a caravan of flag-humping Trump-wavers (I said that backwards but I feel like it still works) drove through the streets Saturday in a parade organized by local pro-Trump citizens.

Newsweek reports that the event was put together by the Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) group and the Young Republicans of N.C. Of course, the Young Republicans are now trying to distance themselves from ACTBAC and not just because what their acronym stands for “sounds redundant and stupid as fuck.” Turns out the ACTBAC—which the Southern Poverty Law Center has classified as a “neo-Confederate hate group,” according to Newsweek—are *gasp* a bunch of racist morons.

From Newsweek:

Local Black Lives Matter supporter Megan Squire recorded the pro-Trump drivers and passengers in the parade shouting “f**k Black lives” and labeling her a “c**t” as they moved through Alamance County near Elon, North Carolina.

As participants in the pro-Trump caravan of cars drove by Squire and various bystanders they can be seen pointing to her Black Lives Matter sign and exclaiming, “no they f**king don’t, b**ch.” The parade in support of the president took place near Elon University but was condemned by several students and members of the faculty.

“Go back to your home, c**t,” another motorist in the pro-Trump parade can be heard as they honked and sped through an intersection in vehicles decked out with Trump 2020 campaign flags. “White power, confederate power!”


Elon News Network also published video footage that showed paraders shouting slurs and other obscenities at onlookers.

Listen: I’m not sure how the Young Republicans of N.C. Trump supporters are expecting us to look at these videos and make distinctions between their group and the bigoted Trump supporters they chose to organize their event with. In my humble opinion, they all look like “very fine people.”

The question all these “not racist” Trump supporters need to ask themselves is this: If all these neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other Klan-like organizations share your political views, what does that say about you? 

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