'Disgusting and explicit': Leaked documents reveal DISTURBING new sex education curriculum

On Tuesday's radio program, Glenn Beck unveiled a series of leaked documents that show in shocking detail what schools throughout the country are putting into your children's textbooks: the first revision to the sex education curriculum in 25 years. The content of this new curriculum is so explicit that it must be blurred out to be shown to you, but has already been approved in many states for grades K-12.

"Our children are being targeted directly in the classroom. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is now being voted on in states all over the country. In some states, it's already signed into law. It will be in your child's textbooks. It is the most disgusting and explicit content I have ever seen. It is disturbing," Glenn stated.

"We are about to lose our children, and that threat is very real," he warned. "Big Tech is brainwashing them. Gaming is teaching them to kill ... and then we send them to indoctrination camps, formerly known as public schools. And private schools. And charter schools. And Christian schools, that don't have the spine or the spiritual insight to see the evil that is in Marxism and BLM."

Watch the video clip below for more:

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