EXCLUSIVE: Actual Russians Involved in the Russia Collusion Scam Were Never Investigated – Is This Due to Their Connections with the UK and Ukraine?


There actually were Russian connected individuals meddling in and around Washington D.C.  What they all were doing and who they worked for is still unknown.  But it is clear, they were working for someone.

On June 30, 2019, we reported that Ilya Zaslavskiy was likely one of the ‘Russians’ used as a source in the Steele dossier.  We made this assertion based on the following:

1. He hobnobs with British royalty and senior UK politicians
2. He has been with the Chatham House for several years (these first two items indicate connections to MI6)
3. The UK government paid for his education, travel, housing, in and advanced degrees
4. He is Natalia Budaeva’s old associate and worked with her through 2016 on a number of political activities in the US.
5. Between 2013 and 2019 he generated over 1300 intelligence reports about Russia for MI6 and State.
6. In 2016 he regularly provided MI6 with field reports from the US that were collected by the anti-Trump alliance of Ukrainian and several anti-Putin NGOs and other political organization including Chalupa’s action groups.
7. He was in the US from June to November 2016 on a tour to heavily prompt the dossier. While here, he had a number of interviews with MSM that were dedicated to Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Today we have some additional information on Zaslavskiy.

Zaslavskiy is a Russian from the UK that came over to the US in late 2016 and was with the help of Natalia Arno (the president of the Free Russia Foundation) promoting the Russian collusion narrative with some of the leading politicians in Washington, D.C. and sharing with the media “Compromising materials on Trump and relations with the Kremlin”.

We know that Zaslavskiy was at Voice of America and he talked about Trump – Russia collusion a few days before the 2016 election.  He then bragged about it on the social media:

Yaacov Apelbaum has provided the following composites that show the many connections between Zaslavskiy and the Brits as well as American anti-Trumpers and elites.  He was with the British Royalty which shows the British trusted him to some extent:

His colleague Natalia Budaeva at the Free Russia Foundation was also around numerous US Senators:

Below is a composite of their connections and their anti trump bias:

But the connections do not stop there.  Zaslavskiy was also present at numerous gatherings before the 2016 election with other notorious Never-Trumpers and Russia collusion operatives.  In April 2016 he was at an Atlantic Council event with Deep Stater David Kramer from Russia collusion fame.  He also was with Kramer at a Hudson Institute event in May 2016:

In March and November 2016, Zaslavskiy was at other Atlantic Council events where Kramer also participated.  Kramer was also present at the Ukraine Embassy, this time will Bill Taylor from fake Ukraine impeachment fame:

We also note some unique pictures from Zaslavskiy’s friend at the Free Russia Foundation, that were taken only a few days after the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr in June 2016.  A few days after that event, two participants who were also at the Trump Tower meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akmetshin, were photographed by Natilia Budaeva at an event in D.C.  Why did Budaeva take these pictures and post to her social media?

We don’t know who was working for who.  We do know anti-Trumpers in the US and the UK who were raised in Russia inserted themselves into the Russia collusion sham.

Based on what we do know though, these people should probably not be allowed to run around the US capital for much longer.

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