Michigan Joins Pennsylvania – Will Accept Late Ballots for 14 Days After Election and Ballot Harvesting


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on several issues on Thursday to ensure a Democrat Party win in November.

** The Green Party candidate was struck from the ballot
** Ballots will be accepted UP TO THREE DAYS after the election
** Poll workers must serve voters in the county where they live — this protects far left districts where fraud is likely to occur

This means Pennsylvania will likely not have their numbers in at least until November 9th, a Monday.
Democrats will do anything to win.

And now Michigan Democrats joined their counterparts in Pennsylvania. A Michigan judge on Friday said the state must accept ballots that arrive 14 days late after the November 3rd election.

The court also will allow ballot harvesting in Michigan.
This tactic is illegal in most states.

It means anybody can turn in a vote for a prospective voter.
Democrats are stealing the election right before our eyes!

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