Of Course… Lindsey Graham Convinced President Trump to Sit with Bob Woodward for His New Anti-Trump Book

Earlier today the liberal media launched into their latest coordinated attack on Republican President Donald Trump.
You can expect these liberal attacks on this president every week until Election day on November 3rd
According to author and Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward President Trump sought to downplay the threat of the coronavirus to Americans earlier this year, President Trump told author Bob Woodward that he knew the virus was serious and deadly. This is the big hit on Trump.
Apparently President Trump sat with Woodward for several sessions for his hit piece.
Now we know who convinced President Trump to sit with liberal hack Bob Woodward — in was Senator Lindsey Graham.
Lindsey Graham, the same Republican leader who promised to get to the bottom of the Deep State spying on President Trump, convinced President Trump to sit with Woodward for his latest book.
It’s almost as if Lindsey Graham is on the other side?

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