“Oregon Is Burning – I’m on a Mission to Put Out the Flames” – US Hero Alek Scarlatos Who Fought Off a Terrorist on French Train is Running for Congress in Oregon’s 4th District (VIDEO)

Alek Scarlatos is running for Congress in Portland’s 4th Congressional District.
Hillary Clinton defeated President Trump in Oregon’s 4th district in 2016 46.1 to 46.0.
Alek can win this district.
Alek is running against Rep. Peter DeFazio who has held the seat since January 1987 before Alek was born.
You may recognize Alek Scarlatos. In August 2015 Alek Scarlatos along with this friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler took down an armed Islamic terrorist during his attack in the train from Belgium to France.
The three US heroes stopped an Islamist from shooting up a train with 550 passengers.
Now Alek is running for Congress. He hopes he can save Oregon’s 4th District from a far left radical.
** You can donate to Alek’s campaign here.
And here is the video Alek released on Monday:

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