Trump Interrupted a Black Woman While She Spoke During a Town Hall. It Didn’t Go Well


Rumor has it that it was a Black woman who walked into then-President George Washington’s dressing chamber and looked at him disapprovingly in his knickers. The Black woman then asked, “You going to wear that?” And just like that, America was saved from wearing little-ass pants.

It was a Black woman who walked into Popeyes in the early aughts and said, “Fuck you mean you don’t have a chicken sandwich? You’ve got all this chicken and no bread?”

It was a Black woman that told Black men in the 1980s enough with the Jheri curl.

Basically, Black women have been saving America from itself and putting America in its place since the beginning of time, so it was no shock when a Black woman stood up to President Trump and he stood down because the president is a lot of things but he hasn’t lost what little mind he has left.

Ellesia Blaque, an assistant professor who swapped her superhero mask for a face covering to be COVID-19-compliant confronted the president of white supremacy over his efforts to continue running his fuckshit express all over the American people. Blaque wanted to know how Trump’s efforts to repeal and never quite replace the Affordable Care Act were going to help people like herself with preexisting conditions during a town hall event Tuesday.

From HuffPost via Yahoo:

“Mr. President, I was born with a disease called sarcoidosis, and from the day I was born, I was considered uninsurable,” Blaque said. “That disease started in my skin, moved to my eyes, into my optic nerves, and when I went to graduate school, into my brain. … With copays, I’m still paying almost $7,000 a year in addition to the copay.”

The questioning grew tense after Trump interrupted to dispute claims that the ACA, also known as Obamacare, had already protected those with preexisting conditions.

Blaque: Should preexisting conditions—which Obamacare brought into—brought to fruition—be removed…

Trump: No.

Why did the president of bland collards do that? Why would he interrupt this Black woman who took time out of her surely busy schedule to attend this town hall? Why would he fix his anus-shaped lips to try and interject when she was speaking?

And that is the moment he knew he fucked up:

Blaque: Please stop and let me finish my question, Sir. Should that be removed, within a 36- to 72-hour period, without my medication, I will be dead.

You know that there was an implied “bitch” at the end of that sentence. And you know what the president did when Blaque told him to shut the fuck up? He. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

You love to see it:

It was a moment, and the moment highlighted Trump’s inability to do anything he’s promised since taking office. Running only off his hatred for former President Obama, the president has endlessly claimed that he was going to repeal the ACA and hasn’t done anything. He asked the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act, “which could end coverage for nearly 23 million Americans as well as protections for people like Blaque who have preexisting conditions. The president has vowed to use his executive powers to issue an order mandating insurance companies cover all preexisting conditions, falsely saying such action had ‘never been done before,’” HuffPost reports.

He told the same lie on Tuesday but luckily for America, ABC News host George Stephanopoulos pushed back against Trump’s bullshit.

“What we’re doing is we’re going to be doing a health care plan—preexisting, protecting people with preexisting conditions—as an example, yourself, it sounds like that’s exactly perfect,” Trump said, lambasting efforts to protect Obamacare by his Democratic competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden. “That’s exactly what we’re talking about. We’re going to be doing a health care plan very strongly and protect people with preexisting conditions.”

Stephanopoulos: You’re trying to strike down the whole law.

Trump: George, we have run it really well. But we also have now other … we have other alternatives to Obamacare that are 50% less expensive, and they’re actually better.

Stephanopoulos: It’s been 3½ years.

Trump: George, it’s been 40 years since you had good health care ― you’ve never really had good health care in this country. This country has never had it.

Fuck all that. If Trump learned nothing on this day it was: never interrupt a Black woman when she’s speaking—and always bet on Blaque. 

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