Trump Says Biden Needs a Drug Test - This Is What Tipped Him Off

President Donald Trump last week called for his 2020 opponent, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, to take a drug test.
In Trump’s opinion, the former vice president’s relatively gaffe-free performance in his final primary debate with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was suspicious.
Throughout his 2020 campaign, Biden has made a series of mumbling, incoherent statements that have left many voters wondering whether the 77-year-old candidate is mentally fit to be president.
During an Oval Office interview Aug. 26 with Bryon York of the Washington Examiner, Trump announced his team’s plan to demand that both candidates take a drug test before the presidential debates.
“We’re going to call for a drug test, by the way,” he said.
The president went on to suggest that Biden’s performance in his debate with Sanders was so out of character that the former vice president must have been taking some sort of drug to improve his cognitive function.
“It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill, because he wasn’t,” Trump said, “but it was a normal, boring debate. …
“I don’t know how he could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then, all of a sudden, be OK against Bernie.
“My point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he was so bad. He wasn’t even coherent. And against Bernie, he was. And we’re calling for a drug test.”
York asked Trump if the debates were like a prizefight.
“Well, it is a prizefight,” he responded. “It’s no different from the gladiators, except we have to use our brain and our mouth. And our body to stand. I want all standing; they want to sit down.”
Obviously, the president is no medical expert, and he isn’t qualified to identify any medical conditions that Biden might have. He made this call about the former vice president’s mental acuity based solely on his own judgment.
That being said, Trump’s questions are completely valid.
Biden has been remarkably inconsistent when it comes to his speech coherence.
Comparing Biden’s speeches during his time as vice president to those during his 2020 campaign gives the impression that there has been a serious performative decline in his speech.
Given that, Trump’s demand is completely within reason.
If there did happen to be any truth to the president’s claims, however, it isn’t too much of a stretch to assume that Democrats and establishment media would try to cover it up.
Many on the left are already calling for the presidential debates to be canceled, lending credence to the notion that they understand it’s quite possible that Biden’s mental acuity is in decline.
The candidates should go head to head in debates, with or without a drug test beforehand.

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