Two Biden Supporters who Attacked and Assaulted a Little 7-Year-Old Boy and Stole His MAGA Hat — Hit with Hate Crime Charges!

Two Joe Biden supporters attacked a 7-year-old boy in August outside of the DNC convention.
The little boy, Riley, was attacked for wearing a red MAGA hat.
Riley was heard on the video begging his mother to dial 9-1-1.
“Get off my property! Are you going to destroy my property?” a woman said to a masked Biden supporter.
“Yes, we are,” she replied.
One of the Biden supporters then grabbed the child’s red MAGA hat and refused to give it back to the child.
Riley’s mother didn’t back down and chased the Biden supporters.
WATCH (language warning):

The two women were later arrested and and charged with numerous crimes including robbery and assault of the little boy!
And on Tuesday the two women were indicted on hate crime charges in a Wilmington, Delaware court!
BizPac Review reported:
The two far-left presumed Biden supporters who terrorized a mother and her Trump-supporting child outside the Democrat National Convention in Delaware in late August have been indicted on hate crime charges.
“Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21 and from Wilmington, were indicted by a New Castle County grand jury on Tuesday on charges of second-degree robberysecond-degree conspiracyendangering the welfare of a childthird-degree assaultattempted third-degree assaultoffensive touching and felony hate crimes,” The News Journal reported Tuesday.
The two became famous — and not in a good way — when they stole a 7-year-old boy’s MAGA hat during an altercation outside the Democrat convention…
…According to Delaware law, the charges the women face are classified as follows:
  • Robbery in the second degree: class E or D felony
  • Conspiracy in the second degree: class G felony
  • Endangering the welfare of a child: class A misdemeanor, or class E or G felony
  • Third-degree assault: class A misdemeanor
  • Attempted third-degree assault: Unknown
Maybe the two women will think twice next time they rob and assault a child!
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