Antifa Cheers in the Streets After Someone Shoots and Kills a Trump Supporter in Denver (VIDEO)


 The Denver Police Department claims that the shooter is a private security guard not affiliated with Antifa.

The Denver Post also removed political affiliations from their story.

An antifa militant was caught on camera cheering in the streets after someone shot and killed a Trump supporter in Denver on Saturday.

The deadly shooting took place during a clash at a pro-Trump rally and a counter “protest” by the militant leftists. The incident is being investigated as a homicide and two people have been taken into custody.

The suspect’s identities have not been released at this time.

A video of the ghastly murder celebration was captured by photographer Joseph A. Camp.

“One less white f-cking supremacist! F-ck yeah! Right in the f-cking dome! F-ck yeah,” an extremist shouts in the shocking and horrific footage.

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