Biden Gets Humiliated at Press Event Today, Featured Trump Supporters Chanting "4 More Years" While Honking Their Horns (3 Cartoons)

 Joe Biden is struggling his way through the 2020 Presidential elections. Today’s press conference wasn’t anything different. The former Vice President made another gaffe telling the people of Ohio that he is running for Senate again.

In an attempt to gain the much needed Ohio vote, former Vice President Joe Biden stopped for a press event in Toledo, Ohio. The event featured local union members and was a “drive-in only” event where members of the union could attend the speech but had to do so while staying in their vehicles.

This, I’m sure in theory, probably made sense to one of the intern staffers on Biden’s campaign.

They probably thought this might help hide the union workers’ confused or disgusted faces as they were forced to watch Joe Biden stumble through another live event.

They didn’t expect, however, that these union workers, who have seen President Trump bring thousands of manufacturing jobs back to the Midwest in the past four years, would be such enthusiastic supporters of President Trump.

This type of ineptitude is what we have come to expect from the Biden/Harris campaign.

Voters are often left wondering what is worse? Is it the spastic cackle of Kamala Harris, the juvenile way the campaign dodges questions or the clear mental and physical decline of Joe Biden?

Today’s campaign stop showcased two of the above options. We saw Biden’s juvenile campaign strategies on full display when several union workers used their truck horns to beep in President Trump’s support.

Anytime Joe Biden tried to speak badly about our current President, the Trump supporters would honk loudly and chant “four more years!”

Luckily, President Trump’s support didn’t drown out a couple of notable gaffes from former Vice President Joe Biden.

In one instance, Joe Biden is trying hard to remember what office he is even running for.

The clip shows Biden with a confused look on his face while scratching his head. He fumbles his line saying, “You know we have to come together, that’s why I am running. I am running as a proud Democrat for the Senate.”

The Democrat Party chose a man who appears to sometimes not know he is running for President. A basic litmus test for judging whether or not someone is fit for office at the very least should include the candidate understanding at all times what office he or she is running for.

Shortly after announcing for the second time during this campaign that he was running for Senate instead of President, Biden flubs the url of the website he is supposed to be plugging.

He screams manically, “VOTE! VOTE! Visit!” The problem is that this website is not real. You can’t VOTE, VOTE, or even receive voting information at

The Biden Campaign is proving time and time again that the clear choice for voters is four more years of President Trump.

At least Joe Biden remembered which state he was campaigning in this time. His staff must have felt a sense of relief when the proper state came out of his mouth.

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