Breaking: Two of Kamala Harris' Campaign Staffers Test Positive For Covid

 The Daily Mail reports that two of Kamala Harris’ staff members tested positive for the virus, and thus Harris canceled her “campaign swing.” The campaign says that the two members, Liz Allen: Kamala Harris’ communications director, and Jen O’Malley Dillion: Biden’s campaign manager, tested positive for COVID on Wednesday.

Kamala and Doug Harris will cancel all flights and campaign travel as they had direct contact with these two individuals. Joe Biden, however, did not have contact with either individual and thus will continue traveling. This traveling will include sticking to his scheduled town hall in Pennsylvania tonight.

From the Daily Mail:

“‘Neither of these people have had contact with Vice President Biden, Senator Harris or any other staffers since testing positive or in the 48 hours prior to their positive test results,’ Dillon said.

But both of the infected individuals were on a flight with Harris on October 8th.

On October 8, the day after the vice presidential debate, Harris flew to Arizona to campaign with Biden. The campaign said the infected staffers tested negative before and after the flight.

Harris and Biden spent several hours together that day in campaign events both public and private. Biden’s last announced negative test was Tuesday.”

In America, voters should be asking why Joe Biden’s campaign manager hasn’t had direct contact with him, but Kamala Harris and her husband have? Is he running for election, or are all the conspiracy theories that this is a way to put Kamala in as POTUS, true?

It does seem strange that Joe Biden hasn’t had an in-person meeting with his own campaign manager. The stronger of the two is definitely, Kamala Harris, and to suggest otherwise is pure naivety. Putting Joe Biden out in public tonight is a mistake, especially after the NY Post bombshell broke about his involvement in his son’s business dealings that made the younger Biden very wealthy with seemingly zero experience to qualify for the position.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been extremely critical of Trump’s administration’s approach to Covid. Trump closed all flights from China – excluding those bringing American citizens home – this decision came under scrutiny from Joe Biden and other Democrats saying that this was proof of Trump’s “xenophobia.”

Experts unanimously agree that this was the right decision even though Democrats repeatedly pushed against Trump’s lockdown orders. With members of the Democrat party, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, and NY’s former health commissioner, encouraging Americans to continue to go out and celebrate their holidays and to make trips to Chinatown to make everyone feel better.

When President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and his various campaign and administration members announced their positive COVID diagnosis they received glee and happiness. People on social media, including elected officials in the Democratic party, cheered the President’s diagnosis and ignored or laughed at the FLOTUS. They wished COVID would take them both. Twitter did little to stop the glee.

Only time will tell if Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s campaign staffers will get the same treatment as the Republicans did. The consensus on the cesspool that is social media is that if you catch COVID, you deserved it because you didn’t take it seriously. Was the Biden/Harris campaign not taking it seriously, and that is why two main team members were taken down? 

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