Facebook Suspends User Jamie Allman’s Account After He Posts Video of Hundreds of Black Trump Supporters Chanting “We Love Trump!” in Washington DC (VIDEO)


On Saturday hundreds of black Donald Trump supporters marched in the Freedom Rally and March in Washington DC.

It was a major blow to the “Trump is a racist” lie.

Radio host Jamie Allman emceed the 1776 Freedom Tour March in Washington DC. Hundreds of Trump supporters attended the event and march from the National Monument to the White House.

Most of the attendees were black or minority.

Jamie Allman heavily documented the event on Facebook.

One video went viral — It showed the Freedom Marchers going by Black Lives Matter Park.
The black protesters were chanting, “We love Trump!” as they passed by BLM park.

The video shows the stunned BLM demonstrators most of whom were white .

Now Facebook is making conservative talk host Jamie Allman pay for exposing it.

The video has received more than 21,000 views.
On his flight home to St. Louis Allman discovered he’d been locked out of his account for “bullying and harassment.“

The video is pro-Trump and  involves black voters.  It was too much for Facebook so they locked Jamie Allman out of his account.

Jamie needs to learn who’s boss.

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