Former NSA Director Bill Binney on the FBI’s Russia Indictments – It’s a “Camouflage, a Ruse, a Way of Trying to Divert” – Like the “Wizard of Oz”


It’s a diversion, a ruse, like the Wizard of Oz

Bill Binney and former NSA Analyst J. Kirk Wiebe joined a panel on the current status quo of the United States and this year’s election.  As we all know, if President Trump wins the 2020 election, the US will be saved to live another day.  If Biden wins, freedoms and our way of life and our liberties may be gone for our lifetimes.

The LaRouche PAC held their event with known experts yesterday. Former Senior NSA Analyst J. Kirk Wiebe and William Binney, the NSA’s former Technical Director, joined the panel.  Wiebe led off by describing the media and social media censorship of the Hunter/Joe Biden corruption scandal as demonstrating that, “We are now in a Civil War.”

The unprecedented censorship of the President, his Press Secretary, members of Congress, and the fourth largest newspaper in the United States was an in your face declaration of intent by the Washington and Silicon Valley elites that they intend to attempt to steal this election and defeat Donald Trump, taking the Constitution of the United States out with the President.

A lively discussion ensued with reporters from the blogosphere and internet about what citizens can and must do to defeat them. They are exposing themselves in ways which are desperate and reckless for all to see, the veil of secrecy is broken. Now is the time that we can reverse the course of this country, a corrupt and declining course enshrined by the Bushes and the Obama/Biden administrations.

Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit joined and at the 47:18 mark  asked a question of the panel about the bogus Russia story released Monday by the FBI and the use of Russia by the Mueller gang.  Bill Binney explained how the accusations of Russia hacking the DNC in the 2016 election as proposed by the Mueller gang were false and provided many explanations supporting his position.  Then he shared this:

All this other stuff is simply a camouflage, a ruse, a way of trying to divert.  I call it the ‘Wizard of Oz’.  It’s an operation.  You know, look over here.  Pay no attention to what I’m doing over here. Keep the curtain closed, don’t look at me.  So all I’m trying to be is little Toto pulling the curtain out – see this evil person doing all this stuff, this is what they’re doing.

This is all a diversion by the DOJ and the CIA.

Later in the interview the panel discussed whether AG Barr was a good guy or a bad guy.  Certainly, Barr’s efforts to address the corruption within his Department are lacking to date.

This was an excellent discussion – we highly recommend taking the time to listen in.

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