Hunter Biden’s Emails Reportedly Turned Over from the Delaware State Police to the FBI… Again


Rudy Giuliani announced last night that he turned over Hunter Biden’s hard drive to Delaware State Police due to pornographic photos of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.  Later in the night, Newsweek reports that emails have been forwarded to the FBI.

Giuliani confirmed that there are photos of minors on the hard drive during an appearance on Greg Kelly’s show on Newsmax on Tuesday evening.

Giuliani said that Biden, according texts sent to his sister in law, on numerous occasions face timed a 14 year old girl while naked and on crack cocaine.

Giuliani also shared one of the text messages backing up his claim.

The FBI has reportedly had the contents of the hard drive since 2019, but has failed to act upon it.

Overnight, Newsweek reported:

The Delaware state police have passed on an inquiry concerning the laptop purportedly belonging to Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden, to the FBI.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump‘s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax that he handed over the laptop that he claims belongs to Hunter Biden to the Delaware state police on Monday.

“In light of ongoing questions about the credibility of these claims and multiple reports that the FBI is investigating their veracity, law enforcement is referring this matter to the FBI,” a Delaware State Police spokesperson told Newsweek. The Delaware State Police also confirmed that they are not in possession of the laptop.

Of course, other reports are that the FBI has had the Hunter Biden computer since late last year and nothing has been done with the criminal acts contained within. 

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