MA Congressional Candidate Says He Was Subjected to Death Threats By Antifa For Being a Gay Republican


John Paul Moran

A Republican congressional candidate in Massachusetts says he was “threatened with death” by “ANTIFA Joe Biden supporters” for being a gay conservative.

The candidate, John Paul Moran, also said that Rayla Campbell, who is challenging Rep. Ayanna Pressley, was hospitalized after being beat up by Biden supporters.

”I was threatened with death at the PTown HRC store by ANTIFA Joe Biden supporters for being a gay conservative. Rayla Campbell, another candidate for Congress in Mass, was just beat up and hospitalized tonight for by ANTIFA Joe Biden supporters tonight. Is US or THEM. #VoteRed,” Moran tweeted on Monday.

Campbell suffered a broken tibia after an altercation with a group of far left activists over the weekend. A source tells TGP that she threw the first punch, however. A video of the incident is expected to be released on Tuesday afternoon.
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