Nevada Reporter Was Only Allowed to Ask Joe Biden Two Questions Before His Handlers Abruptly Cut Off Zoom Call (VIDEO)


Joe Biden is hiding from the American people and refuses to answer questions about his pay-to-play scheme with the Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden, AKA “The Big Guy,” refuses to answer questions about his influence peddling and has snapped at the few reporters who have asked him about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

Joe Biden’s strategy is to run out the clock until Election Day without having to answer about his illegal overseas business dealings with China, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

A Nevada reporter said she was only allowed to ask Joe Biden two questions before his handlers abruptly cut off the Zoom call.

“I had a list of questions for the interview but I was cut off after only two questions, ” 8 News Now Las Vegas reporter Vanessa Murphy said. “I was only given about 5 minutes with the Democratic presidential candidate, even with Nevada being a swing state — Biden apologized, but his campaign ended the Zoom interview.”


Vanessa Murphy’s 5-minute interview with Joe Biden has not been posted online yet.

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