Philadelphia’s Horrible Record of Democrat Voter Fraud Hits New Low – Voting Machine Laptop and Memory Sticks “Stolen”


The City of Brotherly Love is notorious for Democrat voter fraud.  Now the situation just got worse – this is an emergency.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday:

A laptop and several memory sticks used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls, officials confirmed Wednesday, setting off a scramble to investigate and to ensure the machines had not been compromised.

Though it remains unclear when the equipment was stolen, sources briefed on the investigation said the items vanished this week. The laptop belonged to an on-site employee for the company that supplies the machines. It and the USB drives were the only items believed to have been taken.

Two days ago we reported that Republican poll watchers were being turned away from Philadelphia voting stations:

There was reportedly a problem with the state’s voter database. 

Trump observers were being blocked entry to satellite voting locations in Philly, according to President Trump’s 2020 election security staffer and GOP advisor Mike Roman.

Philadelphia is notorious for Democrat voter fraud.  In May of this year a South Philadelphia judge of elections was found guilty of taking thousands in bribes to inflate vote totals for Democrat candidates.  In July former Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers, 77, was indicted on multiple counts, including conspiracy to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing ballot boxes.

In 2012, the results in Philadelphia showed rampant voter fraud which helped the Democrats win the Presidential election:

In Philadelphia, voter turnout in 20 of the wards was 97 percent and greater. That is 97 percent of the bloated voter rolls that probably include dead people. Zombies are in these days, and in Philadelphia, they vote.

In 59 Philadelphia precincts, Mitt Romney received no votes. Zero. If you total up just those precincts, Obama won with over 19,000 votes to nothing for Romney.

In 2017 in the US as a whole there were more people eligible to vote than there were eligible voters.  Per National Review:

The Election Integrity Project of Judicial Watch — a Washington-based legal-watchdog group — analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011–2015 American Community Survey and last month’s statistics from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The latter included figures provided by 38 states. According to Judicial Watch, eleven states gave the EAC insufficient or questionable information. Pennsylvania’s legitimate numbers place it just below the over-registration threshold.

My tabulation of Judicial Watch’s state-by-state results yielded 462 counties where the registration rate exceeded 100 percent. There were 3,551,760 more people registered to vote than adult U.S. citizens who inhabit these counties.

We are unaware if any of this has been addressed in Philadelphia or across the nation.  Now Philadelphia has its voting machine keys stolen.  What is next?

The Feds need to step in in Philadelphia and all the other big cities and ensure voter integrity. 

These Democrat cities are where elections are stolen.

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