Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany Shreds the Media: ‘The American People Deserve Answers’ on Hunter Biden (3 Cartoons)

 By now most people know that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is a superstar who takes no prisoners and isn’t afraid to punch back at media bias and stupidity.

This time she went after the media and especially the White House press corps over the lack of questions to, or answers from, the Biden campaign on the growing scandal around the pay-for-play Biden family influence racket.

A reporter asked Press Secretary McEnany “Given how confident the President is of wrongdoing with the Biden family, has he asked Attorney General Barr to open an investigation,” or “will he?”

Kayleigh McEnany responded brilliantly and with her usual bluntness ““No, he has not,” she said. “The President wants these things to be looked into and the media is really the avenue that should be doing that.”

“At this point it’s up to the Attorney General as to how he pursues this, and FBI, but we just want justice,” McEnany added. “We want the American people to have a full picture of what’s at stake, and thank you, by the way, for asking about this because not often do we get questions about the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden situation.” 

“But at this point, you know, it’s really the media that needs to look into this because, you know, we’re 12 days out and the American people — 11 days out, the American people deserve answers.”

Watch the entire exchange:

Kayleigh McEnany is 100% right.

10 days out from the election the American people deserve answers about the Biden family influence racket. And we need answers much sooner rather than later as people are voting now every single day.

That said, don’t hold your breath waiting for answers. The Biden campaign and their media allies are trying to run out the clock.

But, we already know the truth, or at least the broad outlines of it.

Joe Biden has enriched his family and himself and used his elected offices to do so over many, many years.

Hunter, James, Sarah have all allegedly made millions off of Joe, and who knows how much they had to kick back to the “big guy” to do so is still unknown at the moment.

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