SICK! Liberal Hack Chris Wallace Asked President Trump the EXACT SAME QUESTION on Racism in 2016 as in 2020 When He Spoke Over Trump


Hello, FOX News?

Is there anyone there who want to call out this Trump-hating fraud?

The latest planned and coordinated attack on President Donald Trump by the Democrat-Media coup cabal is their attempt to pin the racism card on this great president.

President Trump is THE ONLY politician in history who has had to condemn the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists on numerous occasions!  And when he or his advisors do this, just like today at the White House press briefing, the Democrats and their media lackeys REFUSE to listen.

It really is disgusting.  President Trump has one of the most favorable records in history in his treatment of blacks and gays.  But the media has to create a hoax to take him down.

Joe Biden is the one who has REPEATEDLY dropped racist and hateful comments throughout his career.

And now there is video of Trump-hater Chris Wallace asking President Trump the EXACT SAME QUESTION in the 2016 debate!

Chris Wallace 2016: Trump denounced white supremacy to Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace 2020: Chris Wallace tries the same HOAX, this time talking over Trump

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