“That’s a Blatant Lie!… I Almost Stood Up and Screamed Liar!” – Bobulinksi Describes His Reaction to Joe Biden Lying about His Family’s Business Dealings (VIDEO)


Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.

Tony Bobulinski came forward last week after he was implicated in emails released from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

Bobulinski touched on several key points in his damning memo and impromptu press conference Thursday night before the final presidential debate:

  • He confirmed “the Big Guy” AKA “the chairman” referred to in Hunter’s emails is indeed Joe Biden
  • He met with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles in May of 2017 to discuss Hunter’s business deals in China
  • Mr. Bobulinski said he received an email concerning allocation of equity, which says 10% held by “H” for “the Big guy” in that email there’s no question that “H” stands for Hunter, and “big guy” for his father Joe Biden and Jim for Jim Biden
  • Bobulinski confirmed that he was warned by his business partner never to mention Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s shady business dealings over email or text (only face to face) because the Bidens (Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden) were paranoid people would find out.
  • Bobulinski said Joe Biden was intimately involved in Hunter Biden’s overseas grift and influence peddling scheme
  • He confirmed the Bidens went behind his back and got paid millions by the Chinese in side deals outside of their contract

This impromptu presser was ignored by the fake news media.

Tony Bobulinski said he is providing all of his electronic devices and other documents related to his business dealings with Hunter Biden to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and to the FBI.

On Monday Tucker Carlson announced he will have Tony Bobulinski on his show for an extended intervew on Tuesday night.

Tonight Tony Bobulinski sat with Tucker Carlson to discuss his business dealings with the Biden family.

Tony told Tucker Carlson that last week he almost stood up and screamed at Joe Biden during the debate, “Liar!”

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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