“This Low Level Trash Isn’t Going to Stop Me!” – Rudy Giuliani Promises to Defeat the Biden Crime Family in Plea to Patriotic Americans to Get Out and Vote (VIDEO)


Rudy Giuliani posted a very moving plea to patriotic Americans to get out and vote for President Trump.

The former New York Mayor also told his supporters that “the low level trash” Biden Family isn’t going to stop him.

Rudy has confronted much worse characters in the mafia, the FARC terrorists and Islamists and he promises he will beat the Biden clan too.

Rudy Giuliani: Here’s what emerges in the end. You’re the only ones who can save this country. I can’t save this country. I’ve done everything I can. I’ve been called every name in the book, sued and threatened with you can’t imagine what. It makes me proud of myself that I’m able to do it anyway. So I’m a strange bird alright. My father brought me up that way. The mafia didn’t stop me and the FARC didn’t stop me, and Islamic terrorists didn’t stop me. And this low level trash isn’t going to stop me because that’s what they are. Who somehow got near the White House. But don’t let them get the White House. The American people have common sense and decency. You gotta stop these people. You gotta get out and vote. You vote. You vote them down. You get them out. And I promise you that I will expend as much effort to clean this up so we no longer have censorship and so we get these crooked politicians out of Washington, Republican and Democrat.

Here is the full 29 minute video:


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