Trump Supporters Hilariously Troll CNN's Jim Acosta With Loud Chanting "CNN Sucks" (3 Cartoons)

 CNN’s Jim Acosta uses his status and visibility to promote the Democrat propaganda, and DNC hit pieces against Trump.

This time CNN sent him to Florida to cover President Trump’s campaign rally. Trump supporters gave Acosta a greeting that included chants telling Acosta just what they think of the network he represents.

This will be Trump’s first rally since his positive COVID diagnosis. Like every rally that Donald Trump holds, his supporters showed up to the Florida rally in massive droves.

These supporters, like most Americans, are fed up with mainstream media’s coverage of America. Suppose these reporters do happen to cover an important issue in our country. In that case, it is almost a guarantee the coverage will be slanted to help the Democrats still upset about losing the 2016 Presidential election.

Jim Acosta is the embodiment of mainstream media with his asinine and condescending questions he asks Donald Trump and his Press Secretary.

Viewers often get tired of listening to Acosta and other CNN pundits bloviate on national television, which is why CNN’s ratings continue to drop.

In the clip, Jim Acosta tries to give “facts” about different battleground states while Trump supporters in the background chant “CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS!”

It is hard not to laugh at Acosta being distracted by a little chanting, especially as most journalists have stayed pretty calm while buildings burn down around them due to the “mostly peaceful protests.”

Acosta must have felt pretty clever in his response to the “CNN SUCKS!” chanting.

He laughingly says, “and as this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out that- you know what also sucks? Getting the coronavirus.”

What does Acosta think he is going to accomplish with this juvenile response?

Sure, he may gain more favor with the coastal elites that are ruining NYC, but this will backfire in middle America.

People don’t like men with bankers’ hands, telling them what is best for them. Outbursts like this one from Acosta show their genuine contempt for our way of life.

Instead of taking the wide criticism for the terrible job CNN does, and networks like it, and use it to change their industry’s credibility, they make snide comments and tell you how above you they are. They laugh at you and let you know they are worthless.

That is probably why, when given a chance, most Americans are happy to chant, “CNN SUCKS!”

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