Twitter User Explains How Complex ADHD Really Is, Urges People To Start Recognizing It As “A Serious Learning Disability”

 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD for short, is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders among children. While it is usually first diagnosed in childhood, the disorder often lasts into adulthood. ADHD is characterized by having trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors, and being overly active. However, as it appears, there’s way more than just that.

Symptoms of ADHD, according to the NHS, can be categorized into two types of behavioral problems: inattentiveness; and hyperactivity and impulsiveness. As mental health experts explain, most people with this disorder fall into both of these categories. However, it’s not the same for all. For instance, some people may struggle with inattentiveness while not having problems with impulsiveness or hyperactivity. This is what psychiatrists call a form of ADHD that is also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD). Sometimes, as the symptoms of ADD can be less obvious, this disorder can go unnoticed.

One person on Twitter explained how complex attention deficit hyperactivity disorder really is

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Apparently, most of us without the disorder have a hard time understanding the true complexity of it. One Twitter user has recently gone on a rant about common misconceptions about ADHD.

For this person, one of the most serious issues is a lack of recognition and consideration that ADHD is a learning disability. “Start normalizing recognizing ADHD as a serious learning disability that includes sensitivities to light & sound, depression, maladaptive daydreaming, not reading social cues, fidgeting and restlessness, not being able to do anything for no apparent reason,” they write.

“Start normalizing recognizing ADHD as a serious learning disability”

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The social media user went on to explain that other characteristics fall into the disorder as well. They expressed that having a hard time with mental math and math in general is common too, among other things.

The Twitter user pointed out how tired they are of people thinking of it as being “distracted by a bird… oh look, a butterfly! Oh my god, my leg is bouncing so fast! Wow.”

“People who have ADHD have complex problems that come with this disorder,” they added.

Seemingly, health officials agree that ADHD should be considered a serious disability. In a book named “ADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know,” the authors argue: “His or her hyperactivity and/or inattentiveness constitute a real day-to-day functional disability. That is, it seriously and consistently impedes the ability to succeed at school, fit into family routines, follow household rules, maintain friendships, interact positively with family members, avoid injury, or otherwise manage in his or her environment.”

Here’s what other people had to add to the now-viral thread

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