A 73-year-old Texas man was accused of stealing posts from 'hundreds' of political campaign signs for 3 years, police say

 A 73-year-old man was accused of stealing hundreds of T-posts from political campaign signs in a Texas County, Texas' KTVT-TV first reported.

The Collin County Sheriff Office said in a statement posted online that Johnny Alcantara confessed to police after he was arrested that he took "hundreds" of the posts in the past three years in Collin County, Texas. 

"Over the past three years politicians of every stripe, Republican, Democrat, and Independent have had hundreds of T-posts holding their campaign signs stolen at multiple locations across Collin County," the sheriff's office said. 

Alcantara was taken into police custody on Friday after authorities found "T-posts, and tools used to steal them" in his home, according to the sheriff's office. Photos posted by officials on Facebook shows dozens of the recovered T-posts.

This is one of the latest incidents that sparked police action over political campaign signs ahead of the 2020 presidential election. In Florida, a man was accused of stealing a bulldozer and damaging signs for the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden campaign last month. Earlier this week in Kansas, three teenagers were shot after a man accused them of taking signs supporting President Donald Trump's campaign from his yard. 

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