Angry Michelle Obama Trashes Trump Voters as Supporters of “Hate” and “Chaos” — After Trump Smashes Her Hubby’s Vote Haul Record


She’s still not happy.

Michelle Obama tweeted out a string of hateful tweets following Joe Biden’s declared victory by media elites.

Michelle felt it was a good time to trash Trump voters as supporters of “hate” and “chaos.”

President Trump SMASHED Barack Obama’s record vote number!

In 2008 Barack Obama had 69,498,516 votes.

In 2016 President Trump had 62,984,828 votes.

In 2020 President Trump CRUSHED Barack Obama’s record with 70,803,881 votes. (so far)
Trump improved on his 2016 number in 2020 by 12 percent!!

Democrats, GOP elites and FOX News want you to believe Trump lost!

Michelle is truly hateful.

The Post Millennial reported:

In a tweet thread meant to congratulate Joe Biden, Michelle Obama could not help but take the opportunity to criticize Trump voters as, calling the projected Biden win just the “first step” in the fight against their ignorance.

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