Another ‘Computer Glitch’ Identified and Corrected in Oakland County, Michigan, Led to Republican Winning His Race


A Republican in Oakland County, Michigan, had his election robbed by a ‘computer glitch’ but then this was identified which led to his winning his race.  The voter machines in this county are the same as those used across Michigan and Georgia and across the nation.

Yesterday it was reported that a voter machine in one Michigan county flipped 6,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. This so-called computer ‘glitch’ fix in one of Michigan’s counties led to 6,000 votes switching from Joe Biden to President Trump. The Head of the Republican Party asked for an additional 47 counties be recounted after the fix since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software.

We reported yesterday that all the swing states used the same software.  But these machines are also used in many other states, including California:.

Michigan was not the only state having problems with this machine. In Georgia on election night these same machines had ‘machine glitches’. Far left Politico reported on this.  Now we’ve uncovered another Republican, this time in Oakland County, Michigan, who was told he lost his race but then ‘system glitches’ were uncovered and when addressed, he won his race:

A computer error led election officials in Oakland County to hand an upset victory Wednesday to a Democrat, only to switch the win back to an incumbent Republican a day later.

In Oakland County’s 15th County Commission District — representing Rochester and Rochester Hills — the initial count gave a 104-vote margin to the Democrat, Melanie Hartman, amounting to a razor-thin majority of 50.08%…

…“Apparently, there was a technical glitch in Rochester Hills. And so I actually ended up winning by a little over 1,100 votes,” said a chuckling Kochenderfer.

The margin was 1,127 votes, to be exact. That gave him a 51.67% share of the total (with 48.23% going to his opponent, Hartman).

The fresh result buoyed the incumbent’s spirits but also had him worried about how to prevent future election errors, he said.

“I’m very grateful to the officials who caught the error, but we need to ensure that we catch these issues, or prevent them entirely,” Kochenderfer said.

All these states must be audited now. All paper totals must be agreed with official results and tied to computer totals. Samples must be taken to ensure totals all tie together. This is outrageous.


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