CONFIRMED: Georgia Was Stolen – Tally Shows MASSIVE Biden Vote Dumps — Lost Votes for Trump — Vote Ratios Statistically IMPOSSIBLE!

 In 2020 President Trump set a monumental new record by adding over 11 million new votes to his 2016 tally across the US.

President Trump won bellwether states Florida and Ohio by 5%.

President Trump won Georgia by 5% in 2016.
But now the media wants you to believe that Georgia went blue under Donald Trump.
Does anyone believe this?

On Election day and late into the night President Trump was leading in Georgia by 100,000 votes.

After Biden gained a lead following MASSIVE vote dumps, the remainder of the votes in the state possessed the same Biden to Trump ratio.
This is an impossible occurrence. It does not happen in nature.

In Georgia President Trump was up by as much as a 57% to Biden’s 42% and with 50% of the votes counted Trump was still way ahead.  Then Biden was allocated batches of votes for hours, some with negative Trump votes and then with 89% of the votes in, Biden took the lead.  From that point on for the next 53 batches of votes counted, for EVERY SINGLE vote batch the batches had exactly a 50.05% to 49.95% victory margin for Biden and Trump cementing Biden’s lead.

It was a classic “Drop and Roll.”

Not a single batch in our data set after the “lead switch event” varied from that margin for all new vote batches.  This too is inconceivable and indicates fraud.

Since our previous report on Georgia more data fraud has been reported.

YouTube user Endeez found at least one batch of votes of 23,000 dumped into the total 98% of them for Joe Biden.
This is impossible and points to more fraud.

Georgia was STOLEN from President Trump.

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