Establishment Media Called Trump's Rallies 'Super Spreader' Events, But Biden Supporters Flood the Streets

 When President Donald Trump held campaign rallies, condemnations flew that the rallies for potentially spreading COVID-19 and they were labeled “super-spreader” events.

However, on Saturday, then thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators took to the streets of major cities following the news media’s announcement that Democrat Joe Biden was the winner of the presidential election, the mainstream media withheld its disapproval.

In Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and elsewhere, Biden supporters were crammed together in celebration.

Fox News took CNN to task for its reporting

“People have just gone out to the streets. People are just so excited, so happy right now,” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said. “They’re wearing masks. They’re not [doing] much social distancing, but they are at least wearing masks.”

Media members tweeted images of sardine-like crowds with no comments about masks.

It was a far cry from the coverage given to Trump events by liberal outlets like Politico and Vox, which linked Trump rallies to hundreds of deaths. And the difference between calling a Trump event a “super spreader” event and a Biden event a celebration was noted by many.

“How the media shifted so abruptly from ‘anyone going to a spacious beach is a super-spreading monster killing Grandma’ to ‘these mass, densely populated protests with people screaming on top of each other are so inspiring’ was one of 2020’s most credibility-destroying media acts,” journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted.

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