EXCLUSIVE: Detroit Ballot Counters Were Counting “Zerox Copies” as Actual Military Votes! (Video)


The criminal acts taken by the Democrat party in this year’s election are unfathomable. 

They did all they could to steal this election away from President Trump and the American people.

There were numerous activities that occurred in the room in Detroit where counting took place which appear to be criminal. 

Republican poll watchers were limited in the room and labeled with big signs like Jews in Nazi Germany.  Democrat poll watchers and ballot counters were not labeled the same.

It’s unknown who all the individuals permitted in the massive room for recounting were.  These individuals harassed and demeaned Republican poll watchers the entire time.  They never should have been allowed in there.  Police were there to gladly escort them out while the entire crowd in the monstrous room cheered their exit.

The Democrats in charge of the counting covered up the windows to prevent outsiders to observe their illegal acts. 

Then came the time to count the military votes.  The Republicans were looking forward to this because these votes are traditionally Republican.  Right before this a number of Republican poll watchers decided to take a quick break.  When they came back they were prevented from getting back in the room.

When Patty from 100% Fed Up finally forced herself into the room, she uncovered why they were preventing Republicans from entering the room.

At the 12:00 mark Patty explains:

Half of our GOP workers were locked outside and couldn’t come in.  So they started the military vote with only about 40 of us inside and there were 150 tables.  They knew that we couldn’t oversee the ballots and that’s why they were locking us out.  It had nothing to do with there was too many people in the room.  They called the health inspector down to say there were too many people in the room.  Well if there were too many people in the room, maybe some of the Democrat agitators who didn’t have any credentials should have left the room?  Those people didn’t leave the room.  There were two to three of those people at almost every table when I got there.

So they locked the GOP workers out so we couldn’t watch over the military ballots.  Once we started counting the military ballots, I realized why they locked us out.

They started opening the ballots and the ballots are in regular envelopes, right.  They are addressed to the Detroit City Clerk from overseas, many of them.  And so they would open the ballots and in almost every case it was a Xerox copy of a ballot and the ballots looked very similar every time they opened them, which is really strange to me because another thing that’s really strange to me, EVERY SINGLE BALLOT WITHOUT EXCEPTION AT THE TABLE WHERE I WAS WORKING FROM THE MILITARY WAS A NON-REGISTERED VOTER AND WITHOUT EXCEPTION THEY VOTED FOR A STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT OR AT LEAST FOR …JOE BIDEN AND GARY PETERS. Both who happen to be the worst candidates in the world.

I mean seriously, nobody votes for Joe Biden unless they hate Trump so bad that it’s just a vote against Trump.  But nobody votes for Gary Peters, Senator Gary Peters, because nobody knows who Senator Gary Peters is.

Next Patty described a van that pulled up the night before along with a Ferari and a Chrysler 300, all with out of state plates that dropped off ballots. Listen to the entire shocking story below.

All military ballots and non-registered voter ballots in Michigan and across the US should be identified, audited and thrown out if fraudulent ballots.  Those who accepted these ballots should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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