It’s Happening… Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne: The Election Was Rigged Deeply – They Used the “Drop and Roll” Technique (VIDEO)


Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of, went on with Christopher McDonald of “The McFiles” to discuss the “drop and roll” strategy Democrats used to steal the 2020 election from President Donald Trump.

President Trump set all new records for a sitting US president in a presidential election.  President Trump’s coattails were deep and wide, winning at least 14 GOP seats in the US House, holding the senate and picking up seats in several state legislative bodies.

But it wasn’t enough to beat Joe Biden.  As we previously reported Democrats used the “Drop and Roll” technique to steal the states they needed for an improbable win with a senile candidate who hid in his basement all year.

We posted on the “drop and roll” technique last week.

Patrick Byrne discussed this technique with Christopher McDonald, “The used the ‘drop and roll’ technique. .. I think the Democrats have a long history of using black people in very pernicious ways… They’re using the black people as they have done for so many years… At a certain point in the election counting they essentially freeze and see how many ballots they need to get up over the guy who is actually winning and from then on they just set, whatever new batch that comes in is pre-figured.  There are some states where they found 53 data points in a row.  This will all be revealed in charts that will be coming public tomorrow.”

Watch the entire interview here.

Patrick Byrne says there is ENOUGH EVIDENCE to overturn the election!

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