Mainstream Media CAUGHT Using Portland Riot Pic To Frame Election Integrity Protests As Violent


In what appears to be a coordinated disinformation campaign (to quote the New York Times in their articles about Project Veritas), several news outlets associated with the Nexstar Broadcasting conglomerate are using a picture of a Portland rioter being arrested by police to falsely frame the elections integrity protests as being violent and out of control. The picture is from an entirely separate event and has absolutely nothing to do with the pro-Trump protests. The unsubstantiated and baseless story echoed by these outlets is full of conjecture and fear mongering, claiming that Trump supporters are ready to snap and commit widespread violence.

That picture? It was taken during Wednesday night’s riot in downtown Portland.

Some used a different picture from the same Portland riot:

Other outlets are using different, misleading pictures, from left wing protests:

A few others used actual pictures from the actual elections integrity protests:

And when you click on these articles, the video that starts playing on the webpages is also from that same Portland riot:

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