Milwaukee Trying to Cover Its Tracks After Initially Reporting Seven Wards Had More Votes than Registered Voters


Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

We reported a couple of days ago that by using the audit statistical technique known as ‘Benford Analysis’ the precincts in Milwaukee are where the focus of any fraud audit in Wisconsin should take place.

In Wisconsin on the night of the election, President Trump was winning early into the morning. However, when Americans woke up on the following day Joe Biden had somehow taken the lead in Wisconsin after a vote dump of 100,000 votes appeared overnight.

Everyone in the US knew Wisconsin had been stolen and the votes for Biden all appeared at once in the middle of the night.  The concerns with the unreasonable increase in ballots in Wisconsin led one expert to share with us his analysis on Wisconsin voter data as it currently stands. Our expert who remains anonymous shared with us his analysis using the audit statistical technique known as Benford Analysis. This technique identifies outliers in data sets. Our expert shared:

I saw that some people had the idea of analyzing vote totals in context of Benford’s Law, so I ran a first-digit analysis on precinct-level vote numbers coming out of Wisconsin, using data from the 15 largest counties (skipping 2 which had unworkable data).

Of the 4 counties, 802 aggregated precincts comprising the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, we get a significant deviation from the expected using Biden’s vote totals, and a p-value of 0.00002 (0.002% probability of a result at least as extreme as this one). Clearly, it does not follow the expected pattern. Trump’s vote totals are much more consistent, with P = 0.87. [The Biden data makes no sense in Milwaukee.]

Aggregating the other 11 largest counties, 1040 precincts, both appear normal for both candidates:

We then reported that Milwaukee had greater voter turnout in seven Democrat Wards than registered voters!  This was from the Milwaukee City Wire:

Seven City of Milwaukee voting wards reported more 2020 U.S. Presidential election votes than they had registered voters, according to an analysis of results and Secretary of State files.

Five of them are in the city’s eleventh aldermanic ward, on the city’s far Southwest Side.

Today we have additional information on the results in Milwaukee.  According to the Milwaukee City Wire:

The City of Milwaukee reported record turnout of 84 percent Tuesday; 243,144 of 288,833 registered city voters cast a ballot.

Biden defeated Trump in Milwaukee 195,034 to 48,110, a margin of 145,916. He won 80 percent of the city’s total vote.

Of the city’s 327 voting wards, 90 reported turnout of greater than 90 percent; 201 reported turnout higher than 80 percent.

In 2016, city voter turnout was 75 percent.

Biden ran up gaudy margins in many Milwaukee voting wards.

He won 588 votes to Trump’s 10 in the 107th voting ward, located in the city’s Franklin Heights neighborhood. It’s other two voting wards voted 411 to 14 and 968 to 33 for Biden– a grand total of 1,967 to 57.

So now Milwaukee is reporting that the precincts in Milwaukee are not over 100% voter turnout?  What the hell is going on there?


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