New Numbers Released, Trump Claims He Will "Easily Win" Arizona If State Performs An Audit

 At this point in time, with President Donald Trump’s legal team waging a war of election-related litigation in a number of key battleground states, it’s certainly true that every single vote counts.

There are several states, including Arizona, where the president is gaining serious ground and that was evidenced on Thursday morning as a new vote count update from the traditionally red state is painting an emerging picture that the president isn’t out of the running there yet.

According to Breitbart, a new batch of counted votes from Maricopa County — the state’s most populous center — out of the 13,143 votes counted, the president managed to garner 53.4 percent of them, while Biden hauled in only 44.3 percent, as data from Data Orbital indicated.

Does that mean Trump is definitely going to win the state and add to his electoral vote count? No.

But does it mean that there’s still a chance that it could happen? Yes, according to many experts who keep track of these things. While flipping Arizona back to red wouldn’t change the mainstream media’s mind that Joe Biden is the President-elect, it certainly would toss a massive wrench in their narrative.

At this point, Arizona — which seems to be one of the slowest-counting states in modern election history — still has 24,738 ballots left to be counted. As of Wednesday night, Biden held a mere 11,635 vote lead on Trump. Doing the quick math, that means Trump would need to haul in a pretty large majority of the remaining votes in Maricopa County in order to win.

But if you ask the president, he believes the state is still his to win, assuming an audit is triggered. He said as much on Thursday morning in a tweet.

“From 200,000 votes to less than 10,000 votes. If we can audit the total votes cast, we will easily win Arizona also!” trump tweeted.

While hope still remains, the bad news is that in Arizona, unlike Georgia, it’s a much tougher sell on triggering a vote recount. In elections with over 25,000 ballots cast, it would take a razor thin margin of victory.

“Recount threshold in AZ is .1% or 200 votes whichever is less. So recount threshold will be 200 votes for statewide races,” Data Orbital tweeted.

That aside, given the ramifications of the outcome of this election along with plenty of expected added pressure on the state, I wouldn’t be surprised — depending on the final vote tally — if those in charge go ahead with a recount situation if, for anything, to hammer the nail in the coffin and call it official.

Depending on the outcome of Trump’s election-related legal challenges, he might not need Arizona, but it would certainly be a feather in his cap if he manages to pull out a victory there.

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