Released: Here's the Full Audio Of USPS Whistleblower Alex Hopkins Interview By Federal Agents

 Richard ‘Alex’ Hopkins is a postal worker from Erie, Pennsylvania. He is one of the whistleblowers claiming that their Postmaster gave them instructions to gather all ballots and turn them in after the November 3rd election deadline.

He took this information to James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas. Richard Hopkins, who goes by Alex, was then contacted by the Trump Campaign’s lawyers, and the affidavit featured in the audio below was born.

After listening to the full audiotape, the only conclusion is that the federal government attacked this man for coming forward. Hopkins was coerced into walking back his comments.

The three men in the room were Richard ‘Alex’ Hopkins (USPS postal worker), Post Office Inspector General Agent Russell Strasser, and Charles ‘Christ’ Klein (Postal Inspector, USPS). Russell Strasser is the main interrogator.

Strasser starts the interrogation off, exclaiming that he was shocked to see Hopkins still at work, doing his job. *Alex Hopkins was not on unpaid leave at this point but was put on leave shortly after the audio was released.

Strasser brings Alex Hopkins into a room with different electronic devices, including a polygraph machine. This polygraph machine is a tool Strasser uses throughout the coercion to instill fear that Alex’s memory might be wrong.

Strasser repeats through the interrogation that he is a polygraph technician, and he would be the one to give the test to Alex. Any time Alex gets his strength back to stand by his story Strasser uses the test’s image to reign him back in.

When Strasser first asked Hopkins about the affidavit, Hopkins stands by his original story. You can hear the confidence in his voice as he tells Strasser and Klein that he did, in fact, hear both men talk about “backdating ballots.”

This confidence breaks down after two hours of these two men going over the line with him again and again. Strasser and Klein change or loosen the meaning of his words a little at a time until around the 1-hour mark when he finally gives into them and says that his affidavit should be edited.

They twisted his thoughts to fit the narrative they wanted him to tell. Around the 1 hour and 24-minute mark, the two men are heard preparing his “new statement” for him. Alex Hopkins asks if he would be able to have access to this report to amend it. He didn’t feel like what they were writing would hold up over time and wanted a chance to amend it.

The two men take turns telling him that he would not have access to this after they input it because it would now be part of a federal investigation. That is when it seems that Alex understands exactly what these men are attempting to do.

Hopkins asks Strasser and Klein whether someone could use this form to say that he lied the first time. Hopkins asks,” Now will people start coming out and saying I’m a liar because I’m saying this?”

Strasser doesn’t answer his question but says that they (Strasser and Klein) “are not going to go and hang him out to dry.” But, that is exactly what these scummy federal swamp monsters always do. Less than 24-hrs after the video, an “anonymous source” claimed that Alex Hopkins recanted his story to these very own postal agents.

The mainstream media accused Hopkins of recanting his original affidavit. Alex Hopkins denied that he recanted and is publicly sticking by his original account. He says that after serving in the Marine Corps and doing tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, he will never stop doing what is right for our country.

He said that he doesn’t care who wins the election, but he does care whether the election was fair and free.

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