There It Is: FOX News Heir’s Wife Kathryn Murdoch Calls Trump a Dictator, Tweets out, “We Did It!” After FOX News Declares Biden Winner!


James Murdoch resigned in July from the board of directors of News Corp. in a very public sign of dissent that typically plays out behind closed doors.

James Murdoch said it was over “differences in editorial content.”

Murdoch’s wife Kathryn is a big lib.

Kathryn Murdoch posted several hateful anti-Trump tweets over the years. She even urged FOX News to “put country above their profits” and start pushing anti-Trump stories.

Earlier this week Kathryn called President Trump a dictator.

And then on Saturday she tweeted, “We did it!” after FOX News declared Joe Biden winner.
Of course, she’s talking about Democrats, Trump haters and the hundreds of thousands of Biden votes they had to manufacture in only swing states this year.

Via The Daily Mail.

James Murdoch’s wife Kathryn tweeted ‘we did it!!!!’ and shared anti-Trump posts after Joe Biden’s historic win Saturday.

On Election Day she had written: ‘What will you tell your children or your future self about the part you played in history?’

By Saturday she had also shared posts that referenced ‘Trump’s authoritarian antics’ and ‘surviving the gravest threat to our system of government since the Civil War.’

Kathryn, 47, had also voiced her agreement that her family, which owns Fox News, must ‘put their country above their profits’ and disavow President Donald Trump‘s claims of widespread voter fraud.

Murdoch’s wife Kathryn worked for the Clinton Global Initiative. 

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