WATCH: Protesters Gather To Rally Against California’s New Lockdown Orders (VIDEO)


Dozens of protesters gathered in Huntington Beach to protest against Governor Gavin Newsom’s 10 P.M. curfew.

A protestor on a megaphone shouted, “Patriots are uniting and we’re going to stand and we’re going to fight for our rights. We are Americans and they will never take our rights away.”

Republican Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer slammed Newsom for using economically harmful executive orders.

Mayor Faulconer stated, “What we continue to see, is executive order after executive order, in this case, a hollow executive order that has to do with curfews at night rather than the real leadership we need out of the governor and out of Sacramento, which we are not getting in California. Now, where’s the executive order to help reopen schools safely for kids and for teachers? Where’s the executive order to fix our unemployment department when we have over five hundred thousand Californians who have been put out of their jobs, out of work, but yet can’t get their unemployment checks. That’s what you’re seeing in California. People are hurting and rightfully so, and they’re not getting what they need out of this governor.”

The mayor continued, “And I think, secondly, what you’re seeing is the state as big and diverse as California, is you’re not seeing asking our local leaders whether the city level, the county level particularly, to say what are the precautions, what are the things that you should be doing in your area? Instead, we get a one size fits all policy in California that clearly is not working. Look, I spent a lot of time every single day on communicating, being safe, making sure you’re doing physical distance, wearing the mask. But we have to have a governor that understands that you’ve got to work with your local counties. And if you’re going to do, you’re gonna put out rules, you better follow them yourself. But the reality is you’re not going to ticket your way out of the coronavirus. And that’s when, again, when we get back to these hollow executive orders on curfews that seemingly come out of the blue with no science behind it. That’s why it’s difficult for so many Californians to understand where this is coming from and why it’s happening.”

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