Wow! Michelle Obama Pops Up Her Head to Weigh in on Presidential Transition — Says “This Isn’t a Game”


This is rich on so many levels.

Following her husband’s appearance last night on “60 Minutes” Michelle Obama popped her head up today and slammed the Trump administration — again.

This time Michelle told criticized the Trump Team for “groundless conspiracy theories” about the impossible election results.

Then she told President Trump the “transition” process “isn’t a game.”

This comes after her husband spied on the Trump campaign and Trump transition team four years ago.


The Hill reported:

Former first lady Michelle Obama on Monday criticized “groundless conspiracy theories” about the election and urged a “smooth transition of power” to the next president.

“Our love of country requires us to respect the results of an election even when we don’t like them or wish it had gone differently—the presidency doesn’t belong to any one individual or any one party,” Obama wrote on Instagram.

“To pretend that it does, to play along with these groundless conspiracy theories—whether for personal or political gain—is to put our country’s health and security in danger. This isn’t a game,” she added.

The irony is way thick with that hypocrite. She hated our country, until Obama won.

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